With over 35 years experience with Saab vehicles, Slawek Dzieran, Alpine Euro Automotive’s owner and senior technician, is our resident Saab specialist.  After an apprenticeship at a Saab dealership and extensive factory training, Slawek achieved Saab Master Technician status in 2000.  His many years of Saab expertise work, both at dealerships and independent shops, has given him an extensive depth of knowledge in the field, and a following among Saab owners and enthusiasts.

We recently accepted the opportunity to become an Official SAAB Service Center (OSC).  As well as continuing to provide our customary exceptional repair service using genuine factory and quality OES parts, we will now be able to perform specialist services including Saab factory warranty work and recalls.  Becoming an OSC will be a benefit to both our current and future Saab customers, allowing us to provide a fuller service to owners.

Here at Alpine Euro Automotive we have available the latest factory scan tools and technology to diagnose any problem you may be experiencing with your Saab, and the specialist tools required to fix it.  For dependable service from experienced professionals, we look forward to welcoming you and your Saab to Alpine Euro!


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