Gary, Broomfield

Honest, ethical and trustworthy.  We have driven Saab vehicles since the late 1980’s and have always left the repair shops with an empty wallet.  One day, we happened to drive by AEA’s shop and decided to stop in.  After the owner spent about 30 minutes with us, we explained that not only do we have one, but two Saabs in need of repair.  Later, we made an appointment for the Saab that needed the most repair.  The owner himself kept in constant contact with us and explained what exactly was needed to bring the vehicle up to a safe standard again.  When the car was completed and we drove it away, it seemed brand new.  The total bill was under the initial quote, and we appreciated his honesty.  After years of over-paying Saab repair shops in the metro area for years for their shoddy work and high prices, it’s nice to find a place that is reasonable, honest and trustworthy.  We have already recommended AEA to others. A true gem.

#2 Saab – can’t be happier with the service we received and the car runs like new.  The air conditioner now works after several years of the old ” 4-55″ during the heat of summer (4 windows down – 55 mph).  Thank you for doing such fine work, couldn’t be happier.

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